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This place was amazing. The machines are top of the line and I did my washing in a quarter of the time it normally takes. Saturdays are mine again!

— Rosie


Great reliable Laundromat. Plenty of machines in all sizes. Easy to use, plenty of instructions.
Wouldn’t go anywhere else now!

— Nathan


Pretty close to me and a few other areas around to just put your washing in and get a coffee or a beer.

— Kanazawa Kowboy


This place is amazing. My washing machine died so I had a weeks worth of washing for the family. 5 loads done in half an hour total, this included a duvet.

— Kate King


Convenient, open 24 hours and has a dedicated pet washing and drying machine!!

— Simon Chen


What an epic laundromat, super clean and really easy use of the payment. In the perfect location to duck across and grab a coffee while you wait for a txt to tell you its all done how good is that !!!

— 1G Photography

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Wash and dry in one hour.

At any hour.

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