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Gillieston Heights Laundromat — Shop 2/3 Redwood Dr, Gillieston Heights NSW 2321

Gillieston Heights Laundromat The Tumble Club

In, Sherwood coffee, out, washing done.

Extra Large Washer & Dryers

Our extra large machines allow you to put big loads through quickly.

Whether you’re tackling the mountain of home washing, dealing with a teams-worth of sweaty footy jerseys, or making a a quick changeover at your airbnb you’ll be able to get it sorted quick smart at Tumble.

Cashless Payment

Because digging for coins at the laundromat is so 1990’s. We’re all about making your life easier! Who has coins these days?

Our entire facility is cashless. Got your phone? Payment sorted. Pay with your phone, have receipts emailed directly to you and reminders of your washing progress sent directly to your phone.

Detergent and Softener Included

All you need to turn up with is your washing (and your caffeine fix). Our machines are sophisticated and inject the right amount of laundry liquid & softener required for your wash. Price all included in the price of your wash.

BUT if you do have a favourite/sensitive/sexy laundry liquid, bring it along, we have add-you-own-detergnt machines as well. We’re fighting that dirty laundromat with powder all over the floor, one new store at a time.

Free Wi-Fi

Told your boss you’re WFH, but really you’re doing your week’s washing? We got you!

We’ve got fast WiFi that you can easily connect to. Catch up on your emails, binge Netflix, there’s no judgement here.

Wash and dry in under an hour

Giving you time back is what we’re all about. Pop your washing on a regular cycle, followed by a spin in the dryer and you’ll be out in 57 minutes.

Really short on time? We have quick cycles too, they’ll have you in and out within 45 minutes.

Pet bed and blanket washing

Avoid washing your furry friends’ bedding at home.

Use our (regularly cleaned) dedicated pooch & kitty washing machine to freshen up their gear.


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The Tumble Club
Gillieston Heights Laundromat

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